Your Absolute Camping Gear Necessities

There is nothing worse than driving to the campground, finding the perfect campsite, opening up the trunk, and finding that you forgot to pack your sleeping bag, a can opener, or worse yet, the tent itself! So, before heading out on your next camping trip, plan ahead and make a list of the absolute necessities you will need to bring with you to the campsite. You can use this camping gear checklist or make one yourself and add your own camping gear necessities as you see fit. Check off each item as you pack up the car or prepare everything ahead of time and keep them in large storage bins that you can just carry out together for those last minute camping excursions.Shelter is the most important thing you need to consider for any camping trip, whether it is for just one night at the nearby lake in the middle of spring or for an entire week at a campsite three states away in the dead of winter. Your camping shelter necessities should include a tent that is made for the terrain and weather conditions, tent stakes to keep the tent from blowing away, a sleeping bag with an appropriate temperature rating, and a tarp to protect your camping gear or to be used with your tent for added protection from cold, sun, or rain. You might also want to add a sleeping pad, a pillow, or rope to use with the tarp for added comfort.

Cooking gear is the next most important camping necessity every camper needs to consider. Unless you are trying to become the next contestant on Survivor, you will want to take with you the necessary items needed to cook any food you brought, caught, or shot! Your camping cooking necessities should include a cooler, butane lighter, propane camping stove, extra propane, pots and pans, a can opener, and one set of dishes and utensils for each person in your camping party. Of course, do not forget about bottled water for drinking, cooking, and cleaning, as well as whatever food items you want to bring with you on your camping trip. Also, bring along a bag of charcoal to use in the campground grill!Personal hygiene is another important concern when packing for your next camping trip. Unless you really want to be roughing it you should make sure you have the following hygiene items with you on all your outdoor adventures. You will need your tooth brush, toothpaste, soap, toilet paper, hand sanitizer, wash rag, towel, nail clippers, and contact lens solution. If you are really concerned with how you look (and perhaps smell) to the other campers, you might also want to include a hairbrush, razor, dental floss, and unscented deodorant. Anything you bring with you that has an odor will only attract bugs or animals to your campsite, so avoid scented products.First aid and safety is the final thing you should worry about when it comes to your camping gear necessities. You never know what adventures your camping trip will bring you, so you need to be prepared for both the best and the worst. You can buy a premade first aid kit or put one together yourself that includes any medications you take, aspirin, antiseptic cream, burn ointment, sunburn lotion, sun block, hydrogen peroxide, snake bite kit, eye wash, Band-Aids, medical tape, gauze, scissors, and tweezers. For your personal camping safety, you should also be sure to pack a flashlight, extra batteries, compass, cell phone, utility knife, pen and paper, water filter, whistle, and a small toolkit.

Bringing these camping gear necessities will ensure you a comfortable and safe camping trip, no matter where or when you go. From here everything else you bring with you on your camping trip is for your own personal comfort and enjoyment, so add those camping items as you see fit and enjoy the great outdoors!