Camping Gear and Camping Equipment – What to Think About When Making a Checklist

Has this ever happened to you? You travel several hours from your home. Arrive at a beautiful wilderness campsite with a breathtaking view. You have your tent set up and sleeping bags in place. It is time to cook dinner and you have decided upon an old trail favorite, beans. You grab your cans of beans and proceed to look for your can opener only to realize you left it at home. I bet now you wish you had a checklist for your camping gear so that you would have remembered all the items you needed to pack.When you are going camping it is very important to make a checklist of all of the camping gear that you will need. Depending on the kind of trip you are taking, your checklist will depend on what camping gear you will need for your camping trip.

There are many things to take into consideration. Are you going primitive camping where there are no facilities and no electricity? Are you going to a campground that has electrical hook-ups, water, shower and bathroom facilities? Maybe you are hiking and need to keep the weight in your backpack down so it doesn’t get too heavy. Check weather forecasts to help you decide what type of sleeping bags you will need. Also take into consideration how far from your campsite will you be parking. This can help decide how much camping gear and provisions you decide to pack. Don’t forget your flashlight and camping lantern!It is helpful to make your list of camping gear before you are actually going on a trip. You do not want to be hurried or you will forget something. Usually you will need more than one checklist – one for each type of camping or hiking that you do. It is a good idea to write the checklist and leave it someplace that you can easily add items – like on your refrigerator. This is always helpful for me. Over a few days time I will get my camping gear list completed.

Review the lists and if you see items repeated on each, go ahead and get a plastic tub or tubs and place items in them so that the next time you go you can just grab and go! Don’t forget to label the tub as to what it contains.